deemo webdesign

About DeeMo

We are a small friendly webdesign company that offer webdesign services to anyone who needs them!

We offer our services on three different levels;

  • Design and Build - You find and pay for your own webshost, we build you a site - if it needs updating or maintenance in the future you pay for that as and when you need it.
  • Design, Build and Host - As design and build but we host on our servers and you pay us a small monthly fee for doing so in addition to the design cost.
  • All In - Instead of an upfront cost you pay us an agreed monthly fee which includes, design, build, hosting and maintenance.


Design and Bulid - prices start from £150, a fixed price will be given based on your specific requirements.

Design, Build and Host - prices are the same as Design and Buid but with a monthly hosting fee starting from £5 per month.

All In - prices start from £30 per month, which is pretty impressive when you consider we charge £25 per hour alone for maintenance to customers on our other arrangements.