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14 High Profile Joomla Sites

We have been using Joomla to build websites for client's for quite some time now but one objection that we often get when we mention Joomla is isn't that for amateur sites. This couldn't be further from the truth and to proove it here are 14 high profile websites in Joomla.

Most big blue chip comapnies don't use Joomla that's true but it isn't down to any shortcomings of the system, in my view it is more down to the fact that they have long established web departments and thus don't need a simple to administer system. Startup's and companies that can't afford or don't want a dedicated department should consider Joomla as it takes very little time to show an employee how to upload.

Newver the less some high profile sites have been built using Joomla. If you can think of more then please feel free to comment.

Royal Children's Hospital Foundation

Royal children's Hospital foundation

Tall Ships Race 2009

aixam italia - veicoli senza patente - home_1260633652968


porsche brasil_1260635360497

Cable & Wireless

cable  wireless_1260635388310


home - danone_1260635418788

English National Ballet

english national ballet - from the green room_1260635455456



olympus australia - digital cameras - digital slr - digital lenses - xd cards - home_1260635516745

TNA Wrestling

total nonstop action wrestling on spike tv_1260635570299


yamaha de mxico - home_1260635603880

Samuel L Jackson

samuel l jackson official site - biography_1260635703054

Deep Purple

deep purple - home_1260635746608

These sites arn't necescarily the best examples of Joomla design, but they are certainly high blog post will be best examples of Joomla design.