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The True Cost of Owning a Website

I get asked all the time by potential clients "how much is a web site is gonna set me back?" so I thought it would be useful to outline the costs associated with running a website.

  1. Your going need to buy a domain name....that's the bit that come after the www. or the @ in an email for the uninitiated. A will cost you a fee of about £5.98 (payable every 2 years) a .com about £20 (again every 2 years). There are newer domain types that are cheaper but my advice would be stick to the one that is primary for your country.
  2. Your going to need a website built, so you will incur design fee's. What you want determines what you pay we offer a simple 2 page web presence at £75, most clients are surprised at how good the site looks for that sort of money. If you want something you can easily update and add pages to yourself then your looking at around £150 pounds from us. When you consider what you pay for yellow pages I think the costs are pretty reasonable, more complex projects require us to give you a quote.
  3. You will need a web-host, a web-host is the computer/server that runs your website and makes it available to the world. It also usually provides your email service. We offer hosting to our design customers starting at £5 per month, but their are other hosts out there.
And that's it really until you decide that you want a redesign. Not exactly a fortune is it? £80 to get a simple site off the ground an £60 a year to keep it running!