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Separate your email from your website

zoho-mailHave you ever had your website go down due to an attack? or if not go down slow down completley? It hapens all the time - most webhosts the people who manage the computers on which your website and email revise generally guarantee that your services will have a 99% uptime - sounds impressive doesn't it? until you do the math and realise that 1% is about 3 and a half days worth of downtime per year!

Most people I talk to seem to think that if you wish to run your email on a seperate server that perhaps has no website on it and thus is less prone to attck then you would need a differrent domain name for your email as opposed to the website address so instead for example of your email ending for example it would have to be

This however is not the case at all, a few changes in something called the DNS can see your email diverted through an entirely differrent server - we currently recomend our clients consider Zoho Mail for this sort of service - they offer business level email with a free starter package and the promise 99.99% uptime which equates to less than an hour downtime a year! a vast improvement I'm sure you would agree. The service also offers you far more sophisticated control over your email than you would get from a standard webserver package.

If your one of our clients and you would like to discuss this further we can certainly help you with the setup just give us a shout.