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A simple SEO step for every financial adviser.

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Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the process of adjusting your website so that internet search engines can easily understand what your website is about, what it represents and ultimately therefore know when to offer your website as the best result for someobody searching.

SEO has become an industry in itself and a subject that you could spend a significant amount of time reading about. There are however essentially two types of SEO on page and off page.

When we build your website for you we take care of all the mechanics of ensuring that the search engines can read your site and find their way around. We may even offer you some guidance on adjusting your wording if we didn't write it for you so that you are using the keywords the public use to search for you rather than industry jargon.

Off page SEO concerns all the indicators from other websites that your site is one of quality and interest.


If you want to take SEO up a notch I would suggest that you take up the services of an SEO consultant of quality who will help you to put together a strategy to get you more internet enquiries, someone like Pedro Matias if you want to deal with someone more local I suggest you search "SEO + Your Town" and speak to people who come up on the firsat page if they got there for themselves they might be able to get you there too. If you want to do it for yourself try the Google starter guide.

Most advisers I know however have little interest in online marketing and are certianly not willing to invest much time or moeny in it. They simply have a site to ensure that anyone specifically looking for them can find them. Sometimes however you will find that the search engines do nopt know which site is 'officially' yours and they might return someone else as the top result after a search for your specific business name this is certainly not what you want!

The 1 simple step.

In the title of this article I promissed you one simple step you could take in order to ensure the search engines know that your site is the official one and this is it. Register your website in directory sites.

Below you will find a link to a spreadsheet that I will continually update with directory sites that you as an adviser can claim a FREE listing in, many of the sites will subsequently offer you a paid upgrade - it is in my experience never worth it.

If you only register with onbe directory make sure it is Google Business Pages - go to and claim a listing.


Click here for the spreasheet.



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