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Blogging as a recruitment tool.

Often when we talk to small business' about their websites they will say that the main motivation for the site is simply that they wish to have a presence on the web for validity and essentially so that people who need to can find their contact details on the run.

As most people want their website to rank well we usually bring up the subject of blogging to raise the sites profile and therefore the sites traffic. Many companies we deal with however will say as they have nothing to sell they see little point in blogging as they don't want huge website traffic. These companies usually have a very specialist product or service and have more business than they can handle.

Discussions with such a firm recently did reveal one issue they were facing that was critical to the business, recruitment because they were so specialised and quite a new company that was rapidly expanding finding new staff of the appropriate calibre was not easy.

We suggested that a targeted blogging strategy could help to improve their recruitment prospects. We suggested that they blog on the key issues that stop them recruiting the best people. Their perception as new and small, and the geographic location.

The company decided that they would publish a post twice a week, the first would be put together by management and focus on industry related issues that put the company in a good light such as pay and benefits etc. The second post would be from an employee it would either be about the workplace, the area, the industry or a cutting edge project they were working on.
Over the last year they have found that the traffic from the blog has resulted in a few hires among people that comment. A great deal of that traffic has come from the employees sharing their posts with the social network friends who unsurprisingly contain a lot of people they have either worked with or studied with and are thus ideal recruitment targets. In two years of this strategy they have recruited three people directly rather than through a recruitment firm who were conscious of the company because of the blog. As they were paying £8k+ for each recruit via recruitment firms the company concerned think it has been easily worth the two hours of staff time a week it eats up.

I'd love to tell you who the company concerned is but we signed a non-disclosure for building their site.

Have you are your company found that blogging has helped with the recruitment process? Tell me about it in the comments section below.