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Blogging the option

If you have a small business website then adding a blog could represent a genuine boon to your traffic levels, by showing to search engines that your site is being regularly updated with content that contains keywords relevant to your industry or product range.

Before setting up your blog for the first time I urge you to think for a moment about the technology behind it and how you want to manage your blog moving forwards or you could find yourself with months worth of content that you need to move at a latter date;

Using Your Own Website

If you already have your own website talk to the web-designer about how you get your blog integrated.

If your site was built using a CMS (Content Management System) such as Joomla or Wordpress then your designer should be able to set you up with a login page and give you a quick and simple tutorial on how to publish your post. If your website is not based on a content management system then your designer might be willing to add your posts for you on a regular basis you emailing them over as a word processor document and them adding them on your behalf, if you go down this route however consider reaching a retainer arrangement with them or this could become expensive.

Using a Free Blogging Site.

In the event that you can not use your own site because it is not built on a CMS system and paying your designer to add new content constantly will just be too expensive then consider using some of the excellent free blogging sites out there and having your web-designer link them in to your site. Blogger and Wordpress both offer the facility to set up blogs on their sites for free and each has pros and cons. The pro of Blogger being that you can style the blog so that it looks extremely similar to your website making it a more seamless process for the reader to flit between the two. Wordpress on the other hand offers some styling options but not the complete customisation you would experience if you were using it as a free CMS rather than the free blog version on their own servers. the advantage of Wordpress is if you plan on having your own Wordpress site later you can probably move your old content easier.

A word of caution if you are thinking of using a free blogging site rather than your own website because you are not on CMS why not as us or your own designer for a quote to move your site to a CMS system, it might be just a cheap as interating one of the free sites.