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Does every small business need a website?

My answer to this question would be a resounding yes. And here's why.

When you need to find a service provider where, do you turn, your probably thinking to friends and family for recommendation, that may be true but I bet you do a google search first!

With so many of us now working in front on a PC all day, when something occurs to us we instantly open up a web page and head to our search engine of choice. Often this is just to learn a little more about the issue so that we can decide on whether we really need to pay someone.

Today's generation do not look in the yellow pages to find a service provider, and look at how much small business pays for a presence in that publication, an advert that is so small you can barely fit your company name on it can cost well over £500 if your in a competitive business category, and if your business straddles two categories do you pay twice or risk getting missed.

It amazes me the money spent on yellow pages advertising by companies that don't even have website.

A website is available 24 hours a day seven days a week to provide information about what you have to offer the world. It doesn't need staff on hand to answer a potential clients questions. And you can update it when ever you like.

A website for a small business is like a permanently up to date brochure that is constantly available to your existing and potential clients.

I simply can not see any reason why a small business would not want to be on the web! A web presence does not need to be expensive or big to benefit your company, just a couple of pages of well thought out information can make the difference between a professional and amateur appearance.