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Finnish Early To Get More Done!

It's a bleak looking Tuesday morning here in the North East of England and what's worse it's still August! to compound these woes it was a Bank Holiday yesterday so combined with the "summer" weather motivation levels are probably pretty low for many returning to work today.

Here's an idea to get more done today. Finish early!

Now hear me out, if you're feeling unmotivated idling your day away can be a very easy trap to fall into. How much time have you spent on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIN this morning avoiding work? You know that you'll regret the wasted time tomorrow but motivating yourself today isn't always as easy as thinking about the negative consequences of tomorrow.

How about this instead give yourself a positive motivation to get some work done.

  • Take a pen and paper and write down 3-5 jobs that you would like done now.
  • Next to each item write down a time estimate, assuming you just get on with it in an efficient manner.
  • Add the time projection up starting at the top of the list working your way down. When you reach a total of three hours cross everything else of the list.

Now get to work on the list and as soon as it's done, finish work for the day.

I think that you'll find you finish work with a sense of satisfaction that at least you got something done, and you wont start Tomorrow with a sense of guilt and foreboding.

Obviously if you're not self-employed or a freelancer you may need you boss' consent for this little plan.