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How to generate quality links

Anyone who has wondered how you get to the top of Google's search results, or read anything about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) knows that one of the keys to success is to heve other sites link to yours' (backlinks) preferably without you needing to link back to them.

As I mentioned back in my post "The Best Search Engine Optimization Technique" the key to search engine results is what I like to call OUI (Original, Useful and Informative content!) this is also the very best way to get people to link to your website.

If you think about it you know that it makes sense, people like Matt Cutts have blogs with fantastic Google page rank (7/10 when I last checked) for the simple reason that his content is really useful so people link to it and he doesn't need to ask them to do so!

Now I know what you're thinking that's fine for likes of Cutts he has been around for a long time and built up a huge following I need an audience now. Well there is a life lesson here for you there aren't really any short-cuts to success it takes hard work.

Don't be disheartened though, if you keep putting content out there regularly and it's not cut and pasted from another site Google will like that and you'll get some search engine credit for it. You can use content management and blogging tools like Joomla and Wordpress so that you can schedule content to be published at set times. This way you can write a big chunk and drip feed it on to your site.

What you really want to know though is how do you get people to come and look at your content in the first place - how to get your first readers. I have a few suggestions for that the simple ones are social media, use your twitter and facebook status updates to link to your post, in the update describe the post accurately, do not try to trick anyone in to reading it.Lots of people use sites like tweetalarm to watch for key terms that matter to them so you may pick up twitter followers and blog readers.

Linking out is not the terrible idea that many people think it is, I use Google alerts and webmaster tools to find out when I get a mention or someone is linking to my site or to individual posts, maybe someone like Matt Cutts does the same! If they do and you link to them and they like what you've wrote they might just plug it somewhere, and even if they don't it's cool enough to think someone you look up to might have read your post!

Make sure you have an RSS feed on your site, in this modern age you can not rely on people coming back to your site, they monitor feeds make it easy for them. If your lucky a resource compiler like George Dan Pirvu on twitter might mention your post on one of his tweets.