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LinkedIN: Why I removed you!

There are a lot of "Social Media" networks vying for the attention of the busy entrepreneur these days.

I stopped using Facebook entirely for a reason that I may explain in another blog post, but I tweet constantly and have started taking a look at LinkedIN again recently.

I have been on LinkedIN for years probably the best part of a decade in fact but I have never really spent a great deal of time using the service. Mainly because I have never really quite understood the best way to use the site and I think for a number of years they haven't really known how to develop it further.

But recently thanks to a fantastic shiny new Android phone app LinkedIN has been grabbing my attention again. It's been quite nice to be able to casually see what old business contacts are up to and I've started to reconnect with a few good people that I had lost touch with.

There has been however one fly in the ointment the "share an update" section, most users on LinkedIN treat this area with a degree of seriousness, only posting the projects they are working on the contacts they are trying to make etc. I like to scan this list and see if I can help anyone and I think when LinkedIN first started this was the point. The USP (unique selling point) of LinkedIn was supposed to be that it's a referral network, you only connect to people you genuinely know, like and trust and would therefore be happy to introduce to other people you know, like and trust. The result was always smaller but higher quality networks.

However in recent times LinkedIN has been encouraging it's users to treat the site more like an open network such as Twitter. As part of this they allow you to link your twitter account to your LinkedIN status updates, so when you tweet you automatically post to LinkedIN too.

Now my problem with this is with constant tweeters that have linked their account, so when I look down the recent updates list I see nothing but 200 "updates" for one or two contacts that were originally tweets and the important stuff, genuine requests for help from people I know, like and trust are lost in all this naval gazing rubbish that is actually ideal for Twitter.

So regrettably today I have started removing contacts from my network that are linking their tweets into their LinkedIn feeds just to clean my updates stream, unless I feel really strongly that I want to help them.

Am I completely wrong in thinking that LinkedIN's biggest strength was always that people take it seriously? Trying to make it more like Twitter and Facebook for me is just killing it's unique selling point.

If you agree or think I'm an idiot please feel free to tell me below.