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Separate your email from your website

zoho-mailHave you ever had your website go down due to an attack? or if not go down slow down completley? It hapens all the time - most webhosts the people who manage the computers on which your website and email revise generally guarantee that your services will have a 99% uptime - sounds impressive doesn't it? until you do the math and realise that 1% is about 3 and a half days worth of downtime per year!

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Fresh New Look



After spending most of our time making other people's websites look pretty we decided to give our own a little revamp. The aim is to give a fresh and simple look so that you can find what you need when you need it.

The blog is going to start seeing much more regular contact added so we hope you can check back soon.

Blogging as a recruitment tool.

Often when we talk to small business' about their websites they will say that the main motivation for the site is simply that they wish to have a presence on the web for validity and essentially so that people who need to can find their contact details on the run.

As most people want their website to rank well we usually bring up the subject of blogging to raise the sites profile and therefore the sites traffic. Many companies we deal with however will say as they have nothing to sell they see little point in blogging as they don't want huge website traffic. These companies usually have a very specialist product or service and have more business than they can handle.

Discussions with such a firm recently did reveal one issue they were facing that was critical to the business, recruitment because they were so specialised and quite a new company that was rapidly expanding finding new staff of the appropriate calibre was not easy.

We suggested that a targeted blogging strategy could help to improve their recruitment prospects. We suggested that they blog on the key issues that stop them recruiting the best people. Their perception as new and small, and the geographic location.

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Why Buy When You Can Rent

I think its probably true to say that most people recognise that these days every small business must have a web presence even if it is just to provide contact details and a little bit of background information on the company, so I'm not going to argue that point in this blog post.

What I intend to argue is that small enterprises should not for the most part be 'buying' a website but rather they should be 'renting' one.

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Search Engine Optimisation Good Vs Evil

Some of you guys reading this blog will know that web design is not my main occupation, it's a hobby of sorts and has been since 1997 as I ran out of websites to build for community groups etc I started taking on the odd commercial job and now always have at least one or two on the go at a time. I've never bothered with any major SEO on this site as the business I get comes mainly from people I know or know my work so there is absolutely no need. My main job is that of independent financial adviser that's how I earn my living feed the dog etc and take care of my family, I'm very good at it even if I do say so myself so easily 90% of my business is either repeat or referred by existing clients, this is great but due to a change in personal circumstances I want to drastically increase the number of new clients I take on this year and I don't want to spend a great deal of money or ideally time finding the new clients.

In order to give my financial advice business a boost I decided to try niche Internet marketing. For those of you unfamiliar with niche Internet marketing it pertains to marketing a very specific part of your business the idea being it's easier to target traffic from search engines and find good 'prospects' to become clients.

I decided that I would focus on Individual Savings Accounts or ISAs and as I had a great deal of high quality detailed information that I had put together some time ago for use in my business but never published.

My plan was as follows;

  • Build a high quality website dedicated to the subject of ISAs provide better higher quality information than any other website out there. I did this on a new domain name
  • Search Engine Optimise the site to get loads of traffic from people interested in ISAs and particularly advice on ISAs and based in the UK hence my choice of domain name.

As I have never search optimised before my plan wasn't that detailed. The first thing I did was go over to Google and read their guide on search optimisation. It didn't take me long to realise that 90% of what they want me to do is just write my site for human beings and do the basic good housekeeping of web-design meta descriptions, title tags etc. So as I had built the site on that basis and I know my content is excellent why am I not getting the traffic I want or any actual enquiries via that site. And on the search terms I would like to get traffic on vastly inferior sites are being listed above me.

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